The Customer Champion is a marketing consulting firm that drives business growth through customer strategy, marketing strategy and customer experience design. Experts in advice marketing.

Advice and Wealth Marketing

Consumer, regulatory and industry trends are pulling financial advisers & wealth companies toward their customer. Most businesses are up for the journey, but lack a roadmap and the scale to tackle the marketing task. They want help defining a customer strategy and becoming digital marketers. The Advice & Wealth practice is our answer – marketing experts with the insight, tools and team to support wealth companies, dealer groups and advisers in their quest to restructure their business with the customer at the centre.

  • Consumer Pulse Presentation: an interactive presentation on consumer sentiment in 2013 and a review of major consumer trends (see sidebar)
  • Segmentation: provides insight on how customers group, where the opportunity markets are and how to serve them (see sidebar).
  • Online solutions: websites, social sites, video, calculators and other digital modules ready to adapt for your business.
  • Wealth marketing team: experts in campaign management, web design, business events and public relations – with deep wealth experience

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