Professional Planner Wealth Market Segmentation

The Professional Planner Wealth Market Segmentation is a comprehensive new 1500 person consumer segmentation of wealth and advice motivations. Subscribers to the study will receive all the insight they need to build their customer strategy and refine their offering. The findings pack includes:

Drivers – identifies the attitudes and personality traits that drive wealth outcomes

Motivational segments: a motivational map with six distinct segments

Advice channel view: allocates customers by channel: planners, accountants, brokers etc.

Planner channel: allocates customers by bank, wealth brands, independents etc.

Prospect universe: where the prospects are, by segment and relationship status

Detailed profiles: wealth, products, advice, demographics, mindset by segment

Marketing guide: how to reach, convert and retain each of the segments

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Professional Planner magazine has sponsored the segmentation as part of its drive to “Inspire Advice”

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