Brand Relationships


Friendships Provide Lessons for Successful Engagement

Personal friendships are a great guide to what’s needed for healthy customer engagement because relationships between consumers and brands are a lot like those between people.

A healthy personal relationship is built around an emotional connection and sustained by regular interaction with each delivering what they promise. Over time, trust builds and commitment grows.

So it is with customer >company relationships. No one thing is enough, they all need to be present for a relationship to flourish.  Here are six principles, drawn from an understanding of the drivers of friendship, for customer interaction that builds trust and commitment over time.  For detail on each follow the links to the right.

1. First perform – do what you promise

2. Use relevant emotions for a connection that lasts

3. Respect the natural rhythm in your contact

4. Always be yourself – integrity is critical for trust

5. Focus on the real customers – the ones that buy (and ask them to buy again)

6. Keep the brand at the heart of the relationship

Take a moment to read through the engagement principles via the links to the right.  If this thinking could ignite your team, give us a call and our marketing consultants will help you get on the path to healthy engagement and business growth.

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